Special Interest Group

Dear ARLIS/NA Colleagues and all Material-Minded Professionals,

The Executive Board of the Art Libraries Society of North America approved my request in October 2010 to form a Special Interest Group for materials collections. The request stated, “These entities vary from institution–sometimes called labs, centers, libraries, collections, etc.–but they share a common interest in acquiring, presenting, and educating users on the properties and creative possibilities of physical materials in the areas of architecture, design, and all the fine arts that are the purview of an association such as ARLIS/NA.”

I will serve as the group’s representative at this time. I have submitted a request for a meeting at the 2011 annual conference to take place on Thursday, March 24 in Minneapolis. The Materials Special Interest Group has also been added to the SIG page of the ARLIS/NA website.

I want to thank RISD Library Director Carol Terry for encouraging this initiative and to the other materials librarians who also lent their support.


Mark Pompelia
Visual Resources Librarian
Rhode Island School of Design


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