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Materials Education Symposia: Spring 2014

The full speaker program is now online for this Spring’s Symposia focused on ‘Materials, Systems, Innovation, and Sustainable Development’

Confirmed participants include: John Abelson (UIUC), Mike Ashby (Cambridge), Yves Bréchet (INP-Grenoble), Rudolph Buchheit (Ohio State), Bill Callister (Utah), David Embury (McMaster), Peter Goodhew (Liverpool), Mark Miodownik (UCL), Srinivasa Ranganathan (IISc Bangalore), and Rick Sisson (WPI).

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  ceike wrote @

I’ve been looking at this one, since the 2014 conference is in Illinois. Anyone familiar with this event? Is it skewed toward marketing for CES EduPack? They seem to be the primary sponsor.

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