AASL 2014 Discussant Panel: Materials Collections

AASL: Association of Architecture School Librarians
36th Annual Conference, April 10-12, 2014 | Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach

Discussant Panel: Materials Collections
9:15-11:15 am, Saturday, April 12 | Belle Meeting Room

Materials collections are becoming increasingly relevant in supporting architecture and design programs, offering faculty and students learning opportunities in these and related disciplines. The importance of hands-on materials research is a recurring topic at many colleges and in the architectural education literature. It is a key component to students’ learning in design disciplines and the tactile and visual experience of handling physical samples allows students to investigate and discover materials in new ways.

In June 2013, the IMLS-funded symposium Materials Education and Research in Art and Design: A New Role for Libraries was held at Rhode Island School of Design to address questions and propose solutions surrounding the creation, development, and support of materials collections by academic libraries. This unprecedented event gathered international researchers, authors, administrators, faculty, librarians, and students to benefit from each other’s approaches to such collections and went far to foster a new community. A white paper from that event will appear in spring 2014 and be informed by this discussion.

This panel will be comprised of five speakers in the first hour and allow for discussion in the remaining time.


  • Mark Pompelia, Visual + Material Resource Librarian, Rhode Island School of Design 
  • Kasia Leousis, Architecture and Art Librarian, Library of Architecture, Design, and Construction, Auburn University 
  • Barbara Ann Opar, Architecture Librarian, Syracuse University 
  • Rebecca Price, Architecture & Urban Planning & Visual Resources Librarian, University of Michigan
  • Fiona Anastas, Material Specialist, Material ConneXion



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