February 9-13, 2015
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Free with online registration

Material Xperience is the leading trade event for (interior) architects and creative professionals focused on materials, innovation and inspiration. In 2015, the content and speakers program at Material Xperience will explore the theme of ‘The Five Senses’.

We live both consciously and unconsciously in our environment through touch, sight, hearing, taste and sense of smell. Good design and conscious material choice can positively influence one’s perception of the surrounding environment. This is not only terms of atmosphere and comfort, but also in terms of enhancing performance in schools, offices, care environments, shops and restaurants. A good `sensorial` design always delivers!

For knowledge junkies, Materia has invited inspiring experts, visionaries and innovators from diverse corners of the world. In short, everything you always wanted to know about the wonderful world of the senses will come to the forefront in a number of ways at this edition of Material Xperience.

Return this year to experience materials during Material Xperience and be inspired by the experts in the seminar program. This program will focus each day on a specific sector with six inspiring speakers per day.


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