Kasia Leousis: “Creating an Interdisciplinary Materials Lab in the Design Library”

ArtDoc34.1Materials collection colleague Kasia Leousis is the author of the article titled, “Creating an Interdisciplinary Materials Lab in the Design Library,” published in the latest issue of Art Documentation. Kasia is Architecture and Art Librarian in the Library of Architecture, Design and Construction at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama; e-mail: ksl0008@auburn.edu.

The electronic version of Art Documentation Spring 2015 (v. 34, no.1) is available to JSTOR subscribers and to ARLIS/NA members through the members-only section of the ARLIS/NA website.  The link for the e-book edition is also available in this section.  Print copies have been mailed.

To access the electronic version, click on the MEMBER LOG-IN link at the top of the ARLIS/NA website, log in, then click on the “Art Documentation Online: Click to Access JSTOR” link (stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.1086/680569). Each new issue of the journal is available for download on any e-reader device via the JSTOR portal. After you are logged in, click on the button “Click to Access EPubs” where you will be redirected to the Press e-Book page.




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