ARLIS/NY Chapter Visits Material ConneXion

Several ARLIS/NA New York members visited Material ConneXion (MC), an industrial materials library located in the Time-Life Building at Rockefeller Center (and listed on the Resources section of this blog). Its parent company Sandow focuses on products and services that are driven by innovation and design. MC is a subscription library that has branches in several countries around the world. Members pay a fee to access its extensive database of materials and its onsite library where samples can be touched and examined. MC acts as liaison between designers and companies that manufacture pioneering materials. New materials are investigated by a staff of material scientists, and library candidates are presented at monthly meetings to determine if they are in or if they are out. There are more than 7,500 materials listed in MC database and more than forty new materials are considered each month for inclusion in the library.

Read more of the event summary by Suz Massen (Chief of Public Services, Frick Art Reference Library) on the ARLIS/NY chapter website at


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