2016 Materials Education Symposium – Registration Closes February 29

7th North American Materials Education Symposium
University of California, Berkeley, March 17-18, 2016
Guaranteed registration period closes on February 29

The Materials Education Symposia are a unique opportunity for the university-level materials education community to come together to discuss ideas, tools, and best practice relating to the teaching of materials across engineering, design, and science.

The Symposium has a packed agenda of talks, poster sessions, and short courses.
***register here***

Speakers and talks include:

  • Prof James Shackelford (UC Davis)
    Further travels in cyberspace
  • Prof Steven Yalisove (Univ of Michigan)
    Deep, engaged learning: a better way
  • Prof David Dornfeld (UC Berkeley)
    Sustainability in Design and the Design Process
  • Prof Mike Ashby (Univ of Cambridge)
    A “green-washing” detector kit
  • Dr Sylvia Johnson (NASA)
    Oh, the Materials You’ll Need!
  • Dr Cyrus Wadia (Nike)
    MGI Opportunities and Reflections from Industry

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