Materials Research Librarian at Sandow

At SANDOW, we know the key to being the best is to hire the best. We’re looking for passionate, driven, committed talent to deliver exceptional performance.

Working for innovative, groundbreaking brands in an entrepreneurial environment requires a “do-what-it takes” mentality to get the job done. At SANDOW, there is always opportunity to shine and, in return, we reward stellar employees with competitive compensation, attractive perks, and the ability to take on new challenges – even if it’s outside your wheelhouse. If you’ve got the chops, we’ll take notice and provide the pathway to grow your career faster than you ever imagined possible.

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A Materials Research Librarian is needed for a new and exciting Web service launch at SANDOW. In this critically important role, the Materials Research Librarian will be responsible for overseeing all material cataloging within a comprehensive database that he/she will help to manage and update. The ideal candidate will be expected to maintain a real-time approach to industry standards and trends, and will have a vast depth of knowledge and expertise in identifying various materials and their attributes.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Develop guidelines for all material cataloging and tagging
  • Support and oversee the quality and accuracy of the material intake and entry process
  • Develop and manage a group of freelance librarians and designers that will help with tagging and writing about materials
  • Seek new items through trend spotting and product launches in order to grow the material database
  • Update attributes for materials that exist within the database and ensure that all critical data points are captured as they become available
  • Review, edit and update technical material content throughout the material database, as well as on client collaterals and in editorial perspectives


  • Minimum 5-8 years in the design industry, preferably as a Research Librarian or Designer for a major design or architectural firm, required
  • Experience with the design and specification process of materials
  • Participation at global materials trade shows or industry associations

Keys to Success:

  • Skilled in the art of visually inspecting materials and identifying key attributes, such as the brand and type of manufacturing
  • Have a current and comprehensive understanding of the design and materials industry
  • Must have overall knowledge of materials, as well as a deep understanding of testing and code standards across industries
  • Constantly on the lookout for new trends and innovations

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