Hello from new co-moderator Teri Dowling


As was announced in June, Johanna Kasubowski and I are the new Co-Moderators of the Materials SIG.  I wanted to introduce myself – I am Teri Dowling, the Associate Director of Libraries at California College of the Arts in San Francisco and Oakland.  I manage circulation, technical services and the collections of our three libraries, including our Materials Library.
CCA has maintained a Materials Library since 1999. We currently have over 1000 material samples, cataloged using modified MARC records.  Material sample records are searchable by material name, properties, composition and potential use.  This year we moved the library moved into a new, glass-walled space adjacent to our undergraduate design studios – greatly increasing visibility and use of the space.


Our collection focuses on materials relevant to current building and design markets, with a particular focus on smart, emerging and sustainable materials. Organized by basic material types [Fibers, Natural, Ceramic, Composites, Glass, Metal, and Polymers] and hung on panels, the Materials Library is designed to be easily browsable.  Work space with an iPad and microscope is available for student projects.  Our Resource Guide provides additional information on doing materials research using the Materials Library, MaterialConnexion, and our related print collections in Simpson Library.


I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the Materials SIG meeting in New Orleans in February.  We will be posting here soon with more details about the meeting.


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